Full Time Academic Members


Amr Elzant

Amr El-Zant is an astrophysicist interested in the physics and dynamics of the formation and. Read more...


Adel Awad

My research covers two different areas of Theoretical High Energy Physics. Read more...


Sherif Elgammal

One of the main purposes of CMS detector, after the discovery of the Higgs boson. Read more...


Gamal Nashed

. My field of interest is Modified gravitational theories. Read more...

Part Time Visiting Professors and Affiliates


Amr Radi

Amr Radi is the coordinator of the Egyptian Network for High Energy physics Read more...


Waleed Moslem

My research interests are located in the field of Theoretical Plasma Physics. Read more...

PhD Students

  • Ahmed ElSayed (supervised by Amr Radi and Elsayed Salama)

  • Waleed Hanafy (supervised by Gamal Nashed and Mamdouh Wanas)

  • Karim Selim (supervised by Adel Awad and Amr El-Zant)

MSc Students

  • Asmaa Abdel Azim (supervised by Adel Awad)

  • Soumia Ahmed (supervised by Adel Awad)

  • Ola Ali (supervised by Gamal Nashed)

  • Shymaa Ibraheem (supervised by Gamal Nashed)

  • Abdel Rehman Othman (supervised by Adel Awad and Amr El-Zant)

  • Ahmed Qamesh (supervised by Sherif ElGammal)

  • Mohammed Saleh (supervised by Amr El-Zant)